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Aug 12, 2013 | Prosperity


(James Turrell) 

Clarity creates stability.  While some of you might be thinking, “I’d rather turn a blind eye to “x,y,z” because it is too painful to confront…” deep down you know that confronting things will set you free.  After all, most things don’t just figure themselves out!

Often when people start making changes in their lives, things blow up temporarily.  At least, that’s been my consistent experience, and I’ve seen it echoed around me in the lives of others.  In order to get a closet cleared, you have to drag out all the stuff that has been shoved in there, and in the process you might find yourself sitting in a disaster area.  Persist and you get clarity. Give up, shove things back in the closet, and you are right back where you started. It may be less of a temporary nuisance to stuff it all back, but, ultimately, it will catch up with you.  The closet-stuffing always catches up with me.

Clarity is the willingness to see things from every perspective.  I once heard this interesting definition of “reality” being “agreement.”  We can agree that things are bad or we can agree that they are good.  We don’t all share the same reality precisely. Being willing to see things from another perspective often shines a light on things that you would not be able to consider.  In spaces that feel too “one-dimensional” I often work with people to find alternate ways to use their space and really enjoy it from other angles.  Art also adds new perspective, another way to view a space and experience it.

Clarity is the ability to know how you feel and be OK with it. Whether or not you feel great, being able to own it makes it a hell of a lot better.  Faking your way through life is like stuffing the closet full of junk. If you are willing to persist through the messy and the uncomfortable, there’s peace, stability and clarity. I have had the pleasure of working with lots of people who strive for utter joy all the time.  That energy is infectious.  I love it.  It also needs balance.  Going out on a limb artistically, professionally, socially, personally… really digging in… that requires a willingness to accept all outcomes even if you are always hoping for the best.  In your home, a balance of yin and yang will help you feel more in general, and that is a richer experience of life. You can learn a bit more about this concept and how to apply it a bit right HERE.  

Clarity is not trying to dub in excuses or other stories. It’s easy to make excuses for other people. It’s easy to make excuses for ourselves. The more you write an alternative narrative for your life the less clarity you will ever find. My mom told a lot of stories about her life that didn’t match up with reality. It was her way of being OK with the blind eye she turned to what was really happening in her life. It made for a life full of anxiety, repeating the same things over and over again, being unwilling to see what was right there in front of her.  Clear spaces like clear counter-tops, a clean desk, clear windows- reinforce stronger metal energy in feng shui.  Metal energy helps you discern what is from what you may want to tell yourself is happening.  Writing in a journal, making art, doing yoga, stretching… all these wood activities help to become more comfortable in all this clear space.

No matter what, unpacking the closet rather than stuffing it will make for more open space.  It seems to be a lot easier to live with open space.  Then there is room to grow…!

xoxo Dana

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