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Aug 13, 2013 | Home Style

bohemian dinner


The air surrounding bohemian style is always a bit more vibey and comforting. The aesthetic of nature, free-form design, pattern and celebration creates a grounded, mind-freeing type of welcome that is worth exploring. I happen to be a hippie at heart (maybe it’s the Virgo in me?!) so today it’s a celebration of some boho style!

hanging plants


The ultra example of wood and earth energy in a bathroom dripping with plants held by braided rope and piles of seashells.

bohemian bedroom


Nearly ideal, minus the sharply pointed lantern directly overhead as one sleeps, this bedroom takes full advantage of texture, layers, personality and comfort.



Bungalow bohemian shines with tapestry, bamboo, ceramic and greenery in a relaxed, clean space filled with light.

boho outdoors

Dreamy, luscious layered carpets, colors, pillows and a bazaar full of lanterns light up an outdoor patio.  This blueprint translates easily into an indoor space, too.  Lots of floor pillows can only make it better!

The bohemian is not for everyone, but bit of it can make even the sparest, modernist spaces shine with more easy-going, peace and love energy!


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  1. Marcy

    These places all make me want to curl up and take a nap. So warm, inviting, and nurturing. I love the texture and colors.


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