6 Artists That Revel In Color

Aug 14, 2013 | Life With Art

bill fitzgibbons

(Bill Fitzgibbons) 

I need color when I feel less than 100%, and every less than excellent time gets a punctuation mark by art that teems with color! This round up will definately strike a chord with color lovers! 

yago hortal

(Yago Hortal) 

I tried to paint a Yago Hortal inspired work this weekend.  It was not easy. It turned out to be my own thing, not nearly the transluscent, gleaming, fluid explosion that Yago goes right with every time.

price bullington

(Price Bullington) 

My heart skips a beat when I see the diamond shine of vibrant textures.

julia dault

(Julia Dault)

I like to lean of things.  That was pointed out to me by an astute person recently. I love the balance of leaning art, especially when it’s composedof iridescent ribbons.

kevin champeny

(Kevin Champeny)

A chandelier made of glass-like gummy bears. That is electric poetry right there.


(Toshiko Horiuchi)

This room that drips with knit webs of mass and a melted rainbow… how gothic and inspired all at once!

Art is a cure for whatever ails you- it connects you to places in space and spaces inside your being that otherwise can’t be touched by words.  Everything gets better in your own life while engaging with art- its the magic in the extrovering fusion.


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    • danaclaudat

      ahhhhhhhhhh Kevin thank you soooooooo much!!!!! i love them! honored to hear from you 🙂 xx Dana

  1. Katie

    I like that you said you didn’t succeed at the painting the way you wanted. I hear soo many bloggers talking about all of their accomplishments and not about the stuff that didn’t work out the way they wanted.. It makes me dream of a place where failing doesn’t exist. I know something good comes out of failing but I love it when people show they are human


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