The Best Day Of Your Life!

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Beautiful!!!   xoxo Dana

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  1. Flora

    I love your blog normally, but I have to say I really dislike this quote. Deeply.
    I am tired of the American notion that life is such an individual trip! I carry a belief that I…cherish…that life is actually a group act and a shared act. We are born in relationship. This is a clue from g-d, to me, about the nature of all of this. That love is actually what is taking care of all of us. And that how we are treated by others really does matter. As does how we treat them. We are I feel and believe both to blame and also to celebrate ourselves based on how we love in this world. Yes it is important to take responsibility for your life where it is right now, but…the best day of my life is when I have loved those in it, be they family or someone next to me in line — so thoroughly well that we can all have the good life together.
    To the good life!


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