Feng Shui To Live A Bigger Life!

Aug 19, 2013 | Feng Shui 101

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When you want to live a life that you are proud of, a bigger life than perhaps you have been living,  you have to be willing to experience everything- the good, the bad and the in between.  

This was hard for me to understand for a long time because I wanted only happiness, and anything disruptive would be too much to bear. As a consequence, I stopped reaching in certain directions.

It is way less of a risk to go through life avoiding things that you love deeply because with passion and love comes the possibility of a loss that matters. It’s easy to get angry, upset and defensive when things don’t go your way.

If you choose to avoid what you are passionate about because of the risk involved, and you complain or suffer instead from living a life that doesn’t make you happy, that is not something you are likely to be proud of.

If you decide to risk and things don’t work out and you react in anger, you likely won’t feel proud of it.

If you can stay grounded and feel the burn and decide that you can experience it, get through it,  lean into your life and keep going forward toward what you need and want despite the disappointment, things become easier.

If you stay grounded and treat others how you want to be treated, learn from situations rather than vilifying them and keep moving toward what feels right… no matter how hard it can be… you will live a life you are proud of. And when you are proud of your life, it becomes bigger, more vibrant and you become more sure of your intuition, more comfortable in your own skin and more able to take the risks that matter.  Your life will be bigger.

Get grounded. Get more grounded.  Stay calm. Live a life that you are proud of, and make the bigger decisions.  Lean into what feels right. You will likely regret nothing. You may be amazed at what happens.

xoxo Dana


  1. Katie

    I really like this! good for today! thanks


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