Feng Shui To Help Mend Your Broken Heart

Aug 20, 2013 | Prosperity

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Broken hearts are not a favorite topic of mine, but if it helps to hear this, a broken heart is proof that you are living and loving and that is something to embrace!  No matter what caused your heart to break, when it is broken you know it. Here are a few feng shui ways to help yourself emerge from the sadness and stay open to all the possibilities that lie ahead for life and love!

Readers ask me all the time what to do to get over a break-up.  Frequently asked questions that I’ve seen work well in the past…

Do you dump every reminder of your ex?  Well, it depends. If it bothers you, absolutely. If you love something, why trash it? Store it away for a while instead of being fast to toss it out.

Do you do things to the relationship area of your home to fix your love life? Sure, you can, (ideas here) but no need to do this right away.

Do you throw yourself into new people and try to replace that person fast? Well, you can stay distracted but if you don’t take a beat to see what happened you may repeat it all again.

Some simple feng shui for the heartbroken…

home energy makeover

Lighten things up.  Lighter, brighter energy will help you cast off the heaviness of loss.  When you are not feeling as heavy, you can see what happened much more clearly. You can see the value in the relationship.  You can make space to feel better.  THIS little feng shui home energy makeover is a few minutes to do and will make a big difference.

Metal energy helps you grieve. Minimalism, spare space, white, metal, grey… these are the real colors and styles of “mourning.” These colors and this energy will help keep you strong and focused in the present so that your mind (and heart) don’t overwhelm your life.

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(Yayoi Kusama) 

Reflection matters. Mirrors: clean them, hang them well, pay attention to how they work in your house.  Refection is very important.  If you can see the lesson in the experience, you can create something better next time.  If you can see clearly what you lost, maybe it isn’t lost.  If you can see what you are worth clearly, you can reinforce your own personal goodness.  Rejection, abandonment, loss… none feel good.  All will help you learn if you see the reflection clearly and take note.

Rest. In the mayhem of breaking up and losing things and people, some tend to overcompensate by filling life with too much to do.  Rest is so key to recovering, even on a cellular level.  I had a homeopath suggest Ignatia to help with my own heartbreak. I went from wired to well-rested, and from frantic to calm.  It didn’t fix my feelings, but it made them more bearable.  HERE are some natural sleep helpers.

Invest. Now is the best time to throw as much as you can into your own “bigness.”  Invest time, invest energy, invest money in your well-being on every level.  What you put your energy on will grow, so really grow.  It is a perfect time for a home upgrade, a wardrobe shift, some travel, a class… Investment in your happiness always pays off.  When you lose love, you lose a piece of you- or it certainly feels that way- so pour energy back into yourself and your life!

Of course, you will still  feel it if you lose love in your life, maybe for much longer than you’d like.  But, it will get better.  And it will make you a better person to confront it rather that trying to ignore it in an attempt to make it go away.

Wishing you all lots of love….!


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