Tufted Upholstery Everywhere!

Aug 20, 2013 | Home Style

upholstered bar

(Domaine Home) 

Yin & Yang.  Hard & Soft.  Structured and free form.  Tactile and sculptured.  That’s what makes unusually great tufted upholstery really work to create a tactile “soft & structured” design in your home.  Like the bar above– it’s softness reels you in but the geometry and repetition of pattern, the very structure of its design, makes it feel strong and stable. 

domaine home

(Domaine Home) 

I love that Jessica Alba sticks to classics, and the round upholstered button-like stools are a perfect foil to the searing mirrored table.  hard & soft. It always works.

upholstered coffee table

(matchbook mag) 

Ah, I just adore this not-too-squishy tufted ottoman coffee table.  It creates gravity and welcome without being too severe.

upholstered chair


What an amazing tufted chair… While not everyone has the discipline to work in a chair so plush, if you have a no-stress, non-computer-oriented office for catching up on emails and the like, this is your move!

yellow upholstered headboard


This headboard is totally luscious.

upholstered day bed


This non-traditional daybed/ guest bed would also be great in a library.  It’s rustic yet decidedly modern.


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  1. Marcy

    I recently saw a business’s check out counter was wrapped in tufted panels and immediately wanted one. Since then, I’ve been fascinated with the idea of tufting random things. Such a luxurious feel.


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