How Much Have You Developed Your Personal Style ?

Aug 21, 2013 | Home Style

bright living room


Style is personal.

You should be able to look at any part of your life and have it read as “yours.”

Even if your style is no-nonsense, it is yours.

Do you feel like you have your style established?  Do you want to change your “style”?

At it’s best your life looks like you, perhaps mixed with your loved ones if you live with them, too.

Personal style imprinted on your whole life means that your life feels like you as much as it looks like you.

Are you living with your personal style?

bright living room


Not everyone is an interior designer.  Not everyone is a confident fashion stylist.  Some people don’t feel they can make the right decisions for themselves where their style is concerned.

I say: decide anyway.  Take baby steps if it’s scary.

Fill your life with things you love that reflect you. If you have to think about it, you are working too hard to fit yourself into something that just “isn’t you.”   You don’t need lots of things.  They just need to really resonate with who you are.

Working in people’s homes involved with both design and lifestyle where feng shui is concerned, I never push to change anyone’s style. Instead, I look to see if it is coming through in the home or office. We work within the aesthetic.  We bring more personal style to the table, rather than falling back on the conventional.

pink walls You can’t fake personal style or force someone to be comfortable in a style that is not their own. Interior design is an art, but it doesn’t always reflect the style of the occupants of the homes that are professionally designed.  Lots of people just give carte blanche to a designer and they get a beautiful home that is not a mirror of their life, their loves or their aspirations. A space can look brilliant and feed you nothing of value.

Similarly, I can’t make anyone make changes in their homes and lives that they are not ready for.  People are where they are at and you can’t force change.  Their style of living- their lifestyle- suits them now and there is no real desire for change.  That’s OK, too.  Not every life is meant to contain the same elements to be happy and fulfilling.

I do believe that everyone should honor their style.

Take note of your personal style aesthetically and your style of living.  See what is actually going on.

  • Does your home look like you?
  • Does your wardrobe match your personality?
  • If your lifestyle flowing? 
  • Is your office personalized in any way? 
  • Are your habits and  the flow of your days in sync with what you want? 

If not, you have great fun ahead of you.

Moving toward the style you love, even if it is a slow process, is such joy.

If the mirror of your life is not being reflected as you wish to see it in your home and your aesthetics, you probably feel a disconnection.  Disconnection is a way to miss out on lots of power that you need.

Get into your style and you will connect.

Connection makes things so much better. Connection brings life to life!

xoxo Dana

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