Nothing Stays The Same, So Choose To Grow!

Aug 21, 2013 | Creativity


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“Nothing stays the same, things either grow or decline.”  I said this with some great conviction in a very mindbogglingly difficult conversation this weekend.

“I’m not sure that this is true. You are saying it is true, but I’m not sure that it is,” was what I heard.

“It is physics.”  I admit I fall back on these big statements when I need to make a point.

I was fairly certain it was physics. But it isn’t straight physics.

I love physics.  Physics accounts for the fact that nothing can be created or destroyed.  And there are also laws like the Chaos Theory that make the prediction of outcomes pretty much impossible in every circumstance.  Quantum physics explains how we create the entire universe. But, why did I believe so strongly that there was science to my statement?

My whole life, all I have seen is things growing or declining. I have never seen anything stay the same.

george bernard shaw

This quote attributed to George Bernard Shaw really sums up everything I was thinking and talking about… We create, by choice, what we create and what we decide not to create, deliberately.  Even though some things are out of our direct control, we make choices all day long.  We have thoughts, emotions…. We take actions. We create our world.

The idea that everything is either growing or declining is somewhat an observable fact of nature, but it isn’t straight physics. It is a facet of Traditional Chinese Medicine and 5 Element Theory.  We are always changing with zNature. Seasonally we change as Nature changes. When we alter the elements of our bodies with acupuncture,  or even feng shui, we change.

Decline can be as easy as stopping your active, creative ways because you felt you got to a good place.  You skip the gym a few weeks and suddenly you are not as strong. Stop meditating and you forget how calm it made you as the calm slips away. Stop saving money actively and over time your static savings will be worth less as inflation increases. Take relationships for granted and even the best ones will start to show signs of wear. Ditch your writing for a season and you may feel wordless when you step back into it.

Nothing is a straight, flat line with no change. You don’t have to have seismic jumps upward or plummet into deep lows to know that nothing stays the same.

Its just that we forget that nothing stays the same, and we stop being as active in creating them.  We choose to neglect certain things because we think they will always be there, just as they are.   I see people hit a hot streak in Hollywood, start to party through the good times of some acclaim, and watch it dry up for them.  You can say that it’s just “chance” but its also a choice to create something or not create it. If you stop creating your job every day it will cease to exist or cease to be yours.

To some degree it is the way of the world economy.

It is a spiritual principle for many.

Every minute we lose cells and gain cells.  We are not the same. Growing or declining.

Every day we move toward certain things and away from others.

If we stopped adding on to the world population completely we would immediately be in a decline.

While we can’t control every minute of every day, the idea behind the notion that everything either grows or declines is that we have to keep creating what we want in our lives with attention and intention.  Taking things for granted usually doesn’t turn out well.

If you are neglecting things that are important to you, decide to start creating them. And keep creating them.

And if you’re being neglected… fill up your own life with energy and spirit, then move toward spaces and situations where you are being treated with value.

It can be scary to make a big phase-shift to growth when you’ve been stuck.  It means that you might have to confront all the emotions bottled up along the way.  You might have to let go of things that aren’t growing.  You might have to make decisions that surprise even the closest people in your life.

Choose to grow that amazingly.

Creatively unblocking your life is the greatest choice to grow.  I created a big e-guide to unblocking your life with feng shui.  Creating Genius.  It’s so awesome to have all the best ways to change space and shake up life all in one place.    You can download it HERE and start your 50 days and 50 ways to peel away the stuck layers in life and flow, flow, flow!!! 

xoxo Dana


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