Tarot, Pendulums & Psychics : Why I Ended My Love Affairs With Predictions

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Predictions that come from other places than my own mind are something I divorced myself from out of necessity. Long ago I had to end my love affair with predictions….

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If you want to know why I moved to Los Angeles over 10 years ago, well, it is because my psychic told me to move.  True story. Granted, there were loads of reasons why I wanted to get out of New York, but the push, the absolute determination to leave, came because  my very astute (and accurate) psychic told me to move.  Lots of other things she told me were absolutely correct. Fantastic events.  In fact, nearly everything she told me that I truly wanted came true.   In some ways, though, I hit brick walls seeing my way to a bunch of other predictions. It seemed that the ones I believed in came into being fast and furiously and the ones I didn’t believe or didn’t care about sort of never happened.

Since I felt I was missing the “full picture”, I got into tarot to get more answers. It seemed at first that tarot could tell me what was happening and gave me a story or a hope or a certainty that I didn’t have for myself.  Then, I started asking the same question multiple times.  I got all different answers. Which one was true? I would absolutely burn myself out on the tarot, wanting to be sure I didn’t make a move that was contrary to my destiny that I so wanted to bring to life.  When I got “bad cards” I would walk away, slightly rattled. When I got good cards, I couldn’t accept it fully because I saw the bad cards. But I kept doing this to “know more.”  In my experience, the more I did this, the less I knew about my own life and the more confusion I created.

A pendulum is something you can use to supposedly get insight on your own intuition.  I learned about it and took to it with a fury.  (more on this HERE) Soon, I started to see that the pendulum was faltering. Things were not going the way I had planned or was told by this swinging crystal on a string.

Strangely, the more I dug into this predictive jungle gym the less I could actually be effective in my life.  Each time I put myself in the hot seat of predictions I threw away my own voice.  Every time I listened to an expert rather than to my own heart, I got lost.

I wanted the “extra knowledge” that might be lurking in the universe so that I could control outcomes.  I wanted to make all the right moves.  I wanted to know that there was hope when things got bad.  I wanted to feel like I had an edge in life.

Those are all things we already have.  We don’t need to look outside of ourselves for hope, confidence or how to know what is right or wrong.

Mind you, this was me many many many moons ago.  But it was me. I remind myself often of this when I start to second-guess myself and wish someone could give me an answer to questions that have no answer.

Without predictive devices I started making my own predictions, developing my own intuition and watching my life take shape without confusion. No matter what is predicted, you have the free will to live it or reject it anyway.  We change our lives every day with every step we take.  It became more fun for me to live in the unknown rather that try to control things. I started to value showing up for every day and doing my best rather than wondering if I was right or wrong at every turn.

Are you a psychic junkie?  Tarot lover? Prediction-lover?  Does it help you? Confuse you? I would love to talk about it!  xoxo Dana


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  1. Marcy

    We do a little tarot here, and our philosophy is very in line with your experiences, I believe. We are pretty firm on not supporting an addiction to readings. Mostly, they’re done to help people understand who they are at a deeper level and maybe gain a slightly deeper understanding of situations or people who they are interacting with. Very little of it is predictive in nature.

    Our focus is always on empowering people to take confident actions, trust themselves and develop their intuition.

    Personally, mostly I use tarot every once in awhile to see where I may be missing something. Is there an aspect of myself that I may need to heal that I’m not seeing. Or is there something going on that I’ve hidden from myself.

    In terms of psychic-ness, though, I personally check in with my own internal intuition all the time. I use meditation, ritual, and other means to keep it fine tuned.

    • danaclaudat

      as always, the beautifully balanced approach. thank you Marcy!!! xxxx

  2. Alexandra

    As far as using pendulums and tarot on your own…the point is to awaken your own intuition. The answers are within yourself and they are just tools to tap into your higher consciousness. It doesn’t mean that a “card” is determining your fate. It’s in your hands and has been the entire time… however, it seems you’ve learned an important lesson dealing with your own intuitiveness. Good luck.

    • danaclaudat

      i agree that that is “the point” but yes, the tarot/pendulum/psychic addiction is more common than you think. i love the idea of a pendulum awakening intuition, but everyone i know who starts goes too far. lol, maybe thats my karma to be surrounded by people who want answers 😉

  3. Angel

    I personally love tarot, as it is something I have practiced from a young age. I completely agree with Marcy, in that I only use it to gain a deeper understanding. I use the cards to clarify things, but I never rely on them 🙂



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