Oil Cleansing For Naturally Amazing Skin!

Aug 25, 2013 | The Beautiful

wash your face with oil

A few years ago I read the benefits of washing your face with extra virgin olive oil on the highly-addictive beauty review website Makeup Alley.  After reading about 20 raving testimonials, I ran to the kitchen, grabbed a bottle of oil and embarked on a journey of creating the worst skin ever within a few days!  I didn’t know what I was doing and sort of massaged by face with oil and wiped it off with tissues.  It was an epic natural beauty fail… until I learned how oil cleansing worked and fell in love with it!

The first thing you should know is that oil cleansing is actually best for oily skin.  Oil removes oil, as antithetical as it seems.  If you have dry skin and you try oil cleansing every day, you will not be pleased.  As I am a bit on the dry skin side, I use this oil concoction once or twice a week as a mini-facial to really clean deeply.  It is genius in my experience for clogged pores, refining skin texture and really refreshing your face.

Now, for the oil mix.  It is very simple, but may require a bit of experimentation on your part.  Some people use half castor oil and half extra virgin olive oil.  Some use all castor oil.  I always have castor oil on hand because I love castor oil packs (more on castor oil packs HERE) but you may need to grab some unrefined and pure at a health food store.  Don’t get a refined, lesser-grade castor oil; it is not the same and you will not be happy.

I do well with half castor oil and half light olive oil.It is simple and the ingredients are easy to come by, it’s not too “heavy” and it works likea charm for me.  That said, if you want to go wild with experiementation, and even add in some aromatherapy, THIS troublehooting oil-cleaning blend post by Crunchy Betty will give you guidelines to your perfect mix journey.

You can mix things up in a squeeze bottle or a glass jar.  Just make sure it is clean & dry before adding the oil.  Remember that oils do actually turn rancid so don’t store it in your bathroom that gets boiling hot from the shower and avoid mixing giant batches that may take a while to use.  Fresh is best!

oil cleansing

To do the oil cleansing:  

Step 1: Pour a bit of the oil blend in your palms and rub it all over your face.  I massage it a bit and if I’m wearing makeup I really concentrate on the areas that need deeper cleaning.  I let the oil sit for bit as I set up step 2.

Step 2: Take a clean washcloth and run it under pretty hot water- as hot as you can comfortably handle.  Soak the washcloth and then wring it out so it is very hot and damp.

Step 3: Lay that hot cloth over your oil-covered face and kick back for another minute or two to steam your face.  If it gets cold, refresh the cloth by repeating the hot water/wring out cycle.  Once you are done steaming, wipe your face clean with the cloth.  I also splash more water on, but that’s just me.

I’m an oil junkie so I might put pure argan oil, an aromatherapy blend of oils or straight, potent vitamin E on afterward, depending on the day.  Most of you won’t feel the need to moisurize, but I always do.

If your skin responds well to the oil blend you pick, you will see a difference immediately!  Just scale back if you start to get overzealous and see flaky, dry skin or clogged pores; overdoing it is not a good thing.  Moderation is the key to everything, even DIY natural beauty stuff!

Do you oil cleanse?  Do you have a favorite blend? I would love to hear about it! I’m always ready to tweak & customize! xoxo Dana


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  1. Michelle

    LOVE cleaning my face w/ oil. I have been doing it for at least the last 4 mos or so… I changed the ratio, because I still had dry skin around my chin/jawbone, but the new ratio seems to have taken care of that problem. My skin is not greasy at all, I love the feeling it gives my face. This last time I put some mint essential oil in it for an aromatherapy benefit, so refreshing!

  2. Rachel Wolfe

    Organic Jojoba oil mixed with organic lavender essential oil-everyday. As long as I get enough rest & water, skin is great w/this regime. Lack of sleep of water and things go wacky. MSM cream for moisturizing 🙂 simple, effective and plenty of $ for more fun things…like yoga or travel or film or whatever!

  3. Kimberly

    Hi Dana, thanks for sharing this. I’ve never heard of an oil cleanse before. The only oil I’ve put on my face is Vitamin E and my homemade makeup remover that is just olive oil, water & witch hazel toner. I notice that my skin in soft after I use it though. I’ll definitely have to give this a try.

    Thank you!

    • danaclaudat

      I had to toy with the amounts of oil to get it right (50/50 castor/oilive is right for me)… the post with all the different oil proportions that is linked within is very helpful. & I agree- I can’t imagine my skin without vitamin E, daily!

  4. Guest

    It great to get such easy to do beauty tips on your website. I want to ask you, If I can use this thing on my legs. Apparently I have may clogged pores on my legs. 🙁


    • danaclaudat

      i’m really not sure but you can try!

  5. Jasmyne

    A friend sent me to this and I love the idea ! My only question is do I need to wash my face with a facial cleanser before/after the oil or is just the oil okay?

    • danaclaudat

      most people just do the oil, and when I do it, I just do the oil unless I am putting on makeup, etc, and then I use a clarisonic afterward with some natural soap. But just the oil 🙂



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