Feng Shui To Handle Stress (& Grow From It!)

Aug 26, 2013 | Sensory Goodness



Stress sucks in every single way, but none of us are immune to it, unless, of course, you live in total isolation and I imagine that would be stressful at times, too!

The bigger the life you want to lead, the more it becomes critical to know how to handle your stress when you see or feel it building. If you don’t stay mindful of building stresses,  they will likely catch up with you in unpleasant ways. Aches, pains, illnesses, emotional outbursts, destructive behavior- behind most of it is stress energy that is suppressed and in need of an outlet.

I may not know everything about stress but here’s what I do know: Relationship problems don’t resolve if everything is not put on the table.  Big arguments don’t get a resolution when things are not viewed comprehensively.  You can’t fix your finances if you are unwilling to get a grip on the full picture of your money situation. It’s tempting to avoid things and hope they go away, but that’s what makes stress grow.

Seeing things for what they are, whether they are perfect or not, has helped me use stress to grow as a person.  If you can’t really see the full picture of a situation, it is harder to really handle it.  Accepting what IS does not mean that you want what IS to continue, but accepting is the beginning of the way to actually improve things. And, the minute I start handling stressful situations is the minute they become less stressful.

Some feng shui to actually handle the stress rather than being toppled by it? Water is the anti-stress element. A lack of water can make you feel more stressed than you are. Indulge in water in every way- in your home, your diet, your habits, your sensory experiences. Be more like water and keep flowing. Stress wants you to get stuck… water helps you to flow… to solve things… and to create new beginnings.

Here’s much more on my own stress blow-up of the week and how to create an anti-stress feng shui routine!

xoxo Dana


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