6 Artists I Just Discovered Who Revel In Shades Of Red!

Aug 29, 2013 | Life With Art

Tahnee Lonsdale

(Tahnee Lonsdale)

Red is the color of pure passion.  Anything red will dominate the eye and capture the attention, for better or worse. Passion is on my mind, in a magnetic fashion.  Maybe I am beyond excited about Cecily Brown opening at Gagosian in Beverly Hills next week, teeming with blissfully visceral color passion plays in paint? . Maybe it is the desire to help you all dive deeper into your personal passions? Maybe it is just the pure joy of radical reds and all that they can express?  Here are some new discoveries for me in the world of art, all of the work dominated by red and glowing with visual heat.

doris piwonka

(Doris Piwonka)

No matter how many color stream over this canvas, it is all lead and organized by clean, fresh red.

hedwig pen

(Hedwig Pen) 

The reds that lapsse to violet, fade to pink, but are, at their core, absolutely scarlet and searing.

Marie-Niamh Dowling

(Marie-Niamh Dowling)

When you excavate the ruby red center of a pomegranate the spilling energy is captivating.

Anita Molinaro (Anita Molinero) 

While less lovey of an image, this sculpture is no less of a statement.  Bleeding hearts.  Not the most joyous but its the unraveling that happens in love that makes it so maddeningly fun.

sharon cummings

(Sharon Cummings) 

Shades of watery and glowing reds are balanced here by inky sea blues… making them no less powerful. This is yin & yang at its best, hot & cold, yes & no.  I just love the swirling, bubbling, boiling layers of color.

Where you put red art you will put your attention.  Use red art to focus your hope and open up spaces that are in need of attention.  This passion of searing art will translate from your walls into your life!  xoxo Dana


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