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Detox.  It is a big word these days in relation to wellness.  Beyond scary statistics about chemicals and our health, toxins cause stress and pull us farther from the perfection of nature. Stress is ugly in every way.  Nature is what we need! A little bit of life detox can help you to dramatically increase your  Just a small bit of “Life Detox” can lighten the load of your life, sharpen your focus, improve your mood, heighten your energy and possibly even improve your health. 

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On your plate : Toxins in our food (preservatives, chemical dyes, artifical fragrance and flavor) have been increasingly correlated to weight gain, chronic illness and even emotional disturbances and poor mental performance. Juice cleanses and fasts are as usual in some areas of the globe as getting a haircut, and I don’t know many people who haven’t tried at least a sip of the cayenne pepper, maple syrup and lemon juice “Master Cleanse” potion that I’ve known people to live on for up to 40 days.  (Yes, you read that right, 40.)  Physically, I can’t handle an actual “juice cleanse,” but, many years ago I kicked sugar, gluten and all food additives. That was personally live-changing.  Years of mood swings gone in a month. You may have your own particular toxic loves.  I know 6 people who have been trying for years to kick a big Diet Coke habit.  It is apparently that addictive. You know- or can learn through experimentation- what way is best for you to eat.  One thing I urge you all to do: eat LESS chemicals. Simple.

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Beauty:  Lots of our favorite traditional makeup as well as simple things like popular moisturizer and soaps have been found to contain hormone-disrupting chemicals and even carcinogens. Check the list above and see where you can start swapping out your usual products for some less- or non-toxic ones.  (for ideas on the best of the non-toxic and more balanced in beauty, check The Beautiful) Trust me, I know lots of very astute organic eaters who are loading their skin with fairly significant pollution daily.  Whike you & I may not want to part with our favorite shampoo… when you finish this bottle of body lotion can you add something less toxic in its place?  We can all stand to make a small, meaningful switch where our habits are concerned.

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(Elle Decor)

Home detox: This is a big subject. Our air is full of electromagentic fuzz.  And, of course, our homes are a dumping ground for chemicals everywhere- from cleaning products to pesticides and even dry cleaning residues. Bad memories and toxic people can also be wound up in your home environment. Our homes should support our well-being and serve as safe havens. If you are lazy, unmotivated, anxious, itchy or just truly hate your home… a detox is in order!

To start a bit of home detox, pick one single thing that is artficially fragranced and vow to replace it with a nartural alternative when you are done with it.  Also, decide to start recycling and upcycling more.  These are two good bits of home “good karma” to start the detox process!

I’ve pulled together a FREE 5-Part Life Detox Jump Start e-course to help you get even more out of your “Home & Life Detox” comprehensively…and easily!  All you have to lose are chemicals and stress…:)   You can join me & sign up HERE!  xoxo Dana


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