Instagramming: The Moments That Shift Things

Aug 31, 2013 | Uncategorized

no regrets

The last two weeks have been full of dialing-in to the present moment, diving into new things that are definitely different and renovating my own feng shui.  Let me tell you- for all of you out there making big life changes or even small shifts in things in your life that aren’t suiting you- I understand what it is like!  Whenever I feng shui for myself, it is wildly disorienting for a moment  (or more)… even if it feels right.  This week, the Instagram is all about these little and big life shifts. They are awesome!!!


Apricot colored, buttery-petalled flowers are borne from the scariest and meanest cactus I hae ever seen in my neighboohood.  Caught this while walking Bob last week.  It spoke to the idea that beautiful things can spring from the most unlikely places.


I got a pile of memoirs to read (what I’ll be doing at the pool in a few minutes). They aren’t light and fun. They are real.  Great true stories have a way of creating medicine from poison, turning the darker stuff in life into light.


This was me in a self-indulgent moment I wanted to remember before a gut-wrenching afternoon that I knew would be… not fun.  I’ve made a practice of taking extra time to tune into what I feel before walking into situations that I know will be hard. I felt strangely amazing before this really big bummer of a day, and it was worth commemorating it.

city lights

When I need new perspective, I try to sit in art.  LACMA has been my go-to these days.  Whether its sitting on the floor amidst Chris Burden’s light sculpture or hanging out in the garden by the Calders spinning in a pool of water, this is where I find a new way.

chakra crystals

And, I just got these crystals to try from Crystal Age.  I am soaking them in salt water and sunshine for a while and I’ll read up and see how to do the meditation.  I do believe strongly in the meridians and energy centers (chakras) of the body as storange units for emotion and physical wellness or disease, so this promises to be a good symbolic- if not truly metaphysical- experience.  For sure you’ll see it on the blog tomorrow!

You can find me on Instagram HERE.  I love to follow you all to watch what you are doing.  Its such a fresh form of social media-izing. Have a gorgeous day!!! xoxo Dana

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  1. Jeanne

    Wow. I took a huge risk for me today. I asked a guy friend at work for a favor. He usually never says no. This time I texted him from home in the p.m. and once again, he came to my rescue. He somehow always does. So I responded that he was wonderful with a smile and an xoxo (which is new, the xoxo). Ironically, I didn’t need the favor but said thx anyway…let’s see how tomorrow goes. Just one of those guys where those “moments” have been there and I finally took a step. We’ll see 🙂


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