Feng Shui To Clear Up Your Indecisive Confusion!

Sep 3, 2013 | Prosperity

cy twombly

(Cy Twombly) 

Confusion.  It seems to happen the most when you refuse (or struggle) to make decisions and sort of turn over the responsibility for your life to the winds of fate. I’ve certainly had periods in my life where confusion reigned. I did not want to make the wrong choice so I made NO choice. If you are confused or find yourself surrounded by confused people, today I have a little feng shui for you.

There are three words that can really feed the confusion in your life:




These three words cause a tremendous amount of confusion. Say them often enough as the end of a conversation and I guarantee that whatever it is you want to know you will not know. 

When you are dwelling in the land of “I don’t know,” you are likely using other words like “maybe” a whole lot, too. This type of language stops life in its tracks.

You may not know. Find out.

You may be indecisive. Decide.

Here’s a bit on “I don’t know” and some feng shui tips to help you break out of your confusion and not-knowing. Because you do know. We all know.

xoxo Dana

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  1. Ken

    Love your video’s! Great tips as usual!
    You looking gorgeous! I love your smile!
    Thanks Dana!



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