Feng Shui For The Season Change!

Sep 5, 2013 | Feng Shui 101

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Feng shui is all about living closer to nature.  In the moments when the seasons change, we can find greater balance if we make small shifts in our own habits and routines to stay close to the pulse of our universe.   When you are really connected to nature, you tap into an enormous amount of power. No matter what season is coming, a few small switches will help you stay in sync with our awesome planet and Mother Nature!


Feng Shui For Any Season Change: 

Spend more time outdoors as the seasons change. Even if you are moving into the chill of winter, more time outdoors during the weeks when the seasons switch will acclimate you to the change.  It is like being in a bathtub that is warm and slowly adding hot water until it is very hot.  If you stepped straight away into the hot bath it would be a shock to your system, but if you gradually feel the change you acclimate a lot better.

mood board

(mood boards can help you pull together a fun new look for a season.  image via. )

De-clutter your closet & switch it over.  Every season I find more things to donate and realize I have space to add a few new seasonal pieces that I love, even if they are trendy and just for the moment.  A good closet clearing helps you really see your wardrobe for the season.  When I have all my Winter clothes hanging out in my closet during the Summer I have a hard time actually getting dressed. I can’t see what is actually available to wear that is appropriate.  It may seem logical and may appear to be a small thing, but try a seasonal closet change and I bet you will love it.

apple pie

(this Fall I will become a pie expert, I just know it!)

Set an intention for the season that involves the season!  For instance, if you are moving into Spring where you are, maybe a Spring garden is what you’d like to grow?  In the Fall, perhaps you can get into hiking near you in the perfect weather?  Or in Winter, maybe it’s mastering your seasonal soup recipes?  If you start doing this, you will not dread a super humid summer or an icy winter if it means you have things to look forward to and engage with that are ideal for the season…!

Three small switches that will bring you loads more grace & flow in every day. xoxo Dana


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  1. Michelle

    I really like the idea of setting an intention for the season. Thanks for the tip. 🙂

  2. Becky

    I am all over your site on this 3 degree day! This has taken a real toll on everyone but as I gaze at your wonderful photos and really read your message I get warm and fuzzy ! I have experimented with warm recipes, baked bread and cleaned my closets! Thank you Dana! Send more good vibes this way! 😉

    • danaclaudat

      Stay warm!!! I’m so glad you are fining ways to flow with the seasons 🙂 xoxo


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