Take Some Time For Self-Reflection.

Sep 5, 2013 | Uncategorized

carl jung

I feel totally good about being selfish with my time and energy if it means that I will ultimately be able to give much more to my life and work. I used to think the opposite: I would give so much to my life and work in the hopes that it would bring me to a place where I could see things clearly. I would just run around giving it all I had until I burned out. Then I’d have to take a long break, build myself back up, and start again until I hit the same wall.  This was not a fun cycle to repeat!  Is this you, too? Taking some time for self-reflection… and doing nothing… and doing things just for me purely for the love of them… is an energizing revolution.  Take time for you. You’ll be happy you did! xoxo Dana


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