You Are Your Own Guru!

Sep 6, 2013 | Creativity

dustin adams

(Dustin Adams- love this photography!)

You are your own guru!

In our modern world of information technology we are taught to look for data, to find information, to ask experts.

We are expected to explain what we think about things.  Rarely are we asked how we feel.

Lots of us- men and women alike- don’t even stop to contemplate the enormity of what we know is right for ourselves.

Intuition is not “scientific” or “logical” enough for many people.  Making choices based on what you love or what you feel a great attraction toward  isn’t “rational” for many people.

While perhaps not “logical” or “rational”,  all the people I know who deem themselves personally successful and fulfilled in life move toward all they love and follow their gut as a regular practice.

They are their own gurus. So are you!    


(Dustin Adams) 

You are your own guru. I am not anyone’s guru.

It’s dangerous to have a guru in many cases, because it implies that other people know more about your life and what is best for you than you do. If you feel that way, that you would prefer to have other people guide you through life than make your own way, it may be worth taking the time to practice getting in touch with your own intuition.

My motto with feng shui – and all holistic stuff- and most of life: “when it feels wrong, it is wrong.”

If you aren’t sure how you feel or if you would prefer not to make decisions because you could make a mistake, you might find yourself stuck with someone else’s life. Or, you may let lots of life pass you by.

Intuition is a powerful force.  It’s personal.  What and who each of us truly love is unique and individual.  Even in baby steps, getting more comfortable with intuition will help you know more of what is uniquely right for you.  No one knows better than you.

Gurus are not infallible. Just because you have a guru doesn’t mean they are right!

Back in 2006, after lots of wanting to buy a house and stalking real estate, I found an amazing building and had the most charismatic real estate mogul guru I’ve ever met acting as my real estate agent.  Things were falling into place.  I was getting tons of information and it all pointed to “buy now!” I found the loft I wanted.  But, the more I came closer to saying yes, something in my head told me, ” The market is going to collapse soon.”  As we all know, it absolutely did.  It’s not like I’m a financial expert or a psychic, but for some reason I was very intuitively clear on this point.  If I bought that place, the value would still have been half a month later, and not back to “normal” till now, ten years later.

Thank goodness I didn’t trust logic on that one!

But what about logic?  It is interesting because I am a big believer in instinct but there are times when I need more information- logical information-  in order to make a decision. Apparently, we all do!   THIS is a great piece on about more optimal times to lean more heavily into how you feel and the times when logic can enter more strongly into the picture to help you make a better decision.

Here are some more articles that helped me get a more comprehensive overview on beginning to exercise intuition in big areas of life:

HEALING: If you want to learn more about intuition operating in your physilife, Dr. Judith Orloff wrote a very well-outlined article on tapping into your intuition to heal.  The full article & video is HERE.  

DIET: There are principles of Intuitive Eating (check them out HERE)  that are practiced and reap great results in helping people make peace with their food issues and develop eating habits that support their well being.

LOVE: This is a short, sweet and affirmative piece we can all relate to about trusting your gut in relationships. 

If you don’t yet know what’s best for you, I trust that you absolutely will know if you want to know…!

xoxo Dana


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