Instagramming End-Of-Summer Sunshine!

Sep 8, 2013 | Uncategorized

raw food ice cream

This week’s Instagram is some sunshine from Los Angeles.  I am thrilled about the late summer arrival in many ways- particularly the hot nights. Call me crazy, but I prefer the melting heat to just about any other weather.  I was so excited to stumble upon Truly Raw ice cream (above) in Venice on Lincoln Avenue.  All of their ice creams are made of whole coconuts, local raw honey and fresh fruit or superfoods.  Truly awesome find for a little walk in the 90 degree weather after acupuncture.  This- and more sunshine – composed a decisive- and freeing- warm week!

palm tree

I decided to put a great big tree or two (two, actually) in my dining room once the floors are renovated.  THIS indoor tree round-up made my decision very clear.  This tree pictured, I believe, is toxic to dogs.  If you have pets, always check before bringing flowers and plants into your home.  Even if they are kept up high, leaves can fall off, etc. so it’s worth the homework to make sure all your plants are non-toxic.  I will find my ideal trees soon!

oil cleansing method

While I can only do the oil-cleansing method to wash my face once a week, I learned that the mix is a brilliant eye makeup remover for the rest of the week!

chakra bible

Learning some interesting stuff about the energy centers of the body (aka: chakras) from the very user-friendly “Chakra Bible”.  Thank you Crystal Age for sending it over for me!  Stay tuned: a great big crystal & color & chakra post is coming once I get through all the material and decide what I feel is pragmatic and exciting to share!

live what you love

And a beautiful reminder on my friend’s wrist while sitting under a tree in front of the Buddhist temple today: LIVE WHAT YOU LOVE.  That is going to be my personal slogan for the rest of the year on forward!   Live what you love!

Should you want to join the picture party, you can find me HERE on Instagram. xoxo Dana

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  1. maggie

    LOVE the indoor tree idea! Now if only I wasn’t in a tiny one bedroom apartment – one day!


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