Three Natural Baths To Purify Your Energy!

Sep 10, 2013 | Sensory Goodness

epsom baths


While the classic detox bath is a great one, always, I have learned that sometimes a bath can be “energetically” and “mentally” purifying atop the physical detoxification benefits inherent in the soaking potion.  Sometimes you need to wash off the anger, heaviness, sadness or even a feeling of someone’s energy stuck to you (have you experienced that?!), and these “energy” elixirs always do the trick for me. Today I wanted to share three baths that I have used to re-calibrate myself energetically that really seem to do the trick!



il_570xN.1919197471. Take an Epsom salt bath with purpose. My friend told me about taking an Epsom salt bath while doing a bit of a visualization exercise.  Essentially, as you soak in a hot bath filled with a few cups of Epsom salt you visualize what has gone wrong in your life or the problems you want to purge.  You ask yourself what you have learned from the problems and once you are clear, imagine yourself releasing them into the bathwater.  Now, drain the tub and shower fully, washing off all the salt, washing your hair and fully washing away the stuck energy.

2. Soak in flower essences.  I take a bath in Alexis Smart Flower Essences daily, and have for nearly a year.   While traditionally people take them by the dropper-full in water or under their tongue (and I do that, too!) , I love the flower essence bath experience. A few drops of flower essences transform the bathwater into therapy. Sound dramatic? I can only say that this is my experience… and it never fails to work wonders for me! You can find all of her flower remedies right HERE addressing everything from broken hearts to a desperate need for motivation!

3. Add some quartz crystals. Or other crystals, so long as they are safe to bathe with and will not dissolve in water! (you can find a whole list of bath crystals HERE along with how often per week is recommended to soak with them) While I don’t particularly subscribe to the metaphysical properties of a stone to heal emotions, many people do!  I happen to love crystals for their color and beauty as well as their scientifically proven ability to conduct energy at a high level. Good vibes – in my experience- chase the bad ones away! Set your crystals out in the sun and they will be full of their native Earth element and the deliciousness of sunshine.  Plop them in your tub and soak with them in there for 20-30 minutes after their sunshine session.  It’s a fun way to harness the stabilizing power of nature in your home.

Do you have a favorite bath ritual to purify your energy?! Feel free to drop it below! I’ve learned so much from all of you! xoxo Dana


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    Have some epson salt at home…may have to try the first one tonight!


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