6 Artists I Just Discovered That Create The Cosmic!

Sep 12, 2013 | Life With Art

tumblr_msq33qhneJ1r13l3bo3_1280(Martin Klimas)

From exploding flowers to a fiber optic cosmos, and all the galactically inspired in-between, this week’s 6 artists I just discovered, like Martin Klimas above, have great twinkle and mind-expansive juju mixed into their work!

Heike Schmidt

(Heike Schmidt)

A glittery universe.

natalie wood

(Natalie Wood)

Pastel emergence in layers like gossamer candy clouds.

Fabian Oefner

(Fabian Oefner)

It’s like florescent space spaghetti.

cesar santos

(Cesar Santos)

A dreamy oil so masterfully real and so hauntingly dream-scaped.

Francisco Infante-Arana & Nonna Gorunova

(Francisco Infante-Arana & Nonna Gorunova)

And once you sink a mirror into a landscape it becomes a gleaming, sun-doubling laser. Add a row of them and you have one of the more amazing landscapes I have ever seen.

Live with more art.  It expresses emotion we have no words to say, it takes us to places we can’t readily access in our mind and spirit and it fuels our universal need for truth.  xoxo Dana


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