What Could Your House Be Telling You About Your Life?

Sep 14, 2013 | Feng Shui 101

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There are metaphors that speak louder than words in your home.  If you take the time to listen to the things happening in your house structurally and technically, they can shed some tremendous light on your life. 

There are a ton of things that can be happening structurally in your home: leaks, floods, pests, electrical disruptions, fires, warped floors, bubbling ceilings, sloping roofs, clogged plumbing, mold…. the list goes on and on.  While the key is to handle the emergency immediately and see that it is safely and thorougly rectified, I suggest you go one step further.

Ask yourself: what is my house telling me about my life?

Here’s a scenario that will help you make sense of this.  A carpeted floor was damp in one spot somehow puzzlingly.  She hated the carpet. That damp spot started to raise higher than the rest of the carpet as though forced by pressure.  The spot grew in 24 hours, consuming a huge portion of the living room fairly rapidly.  The house wasn’t flooded in a traditional sense. It  was as though something beneath the surface (in this case a bursting pipe) was seeping up to the surface and trying to make itself known as it spread larger and grew more buckled from the level of the floor.

Turns out that this woman was trying to uncover the leaks in her own life, but she was unwilling to make big decisions.  She wanted clarity on what decisions she needed to make first to rectify her problems, and the leak somehow sprung in a way that was remarkably telling.  She realized that if she didnt handle the pressure building in some areas in her life and take real action – any action-  that the pent up problems would eventually show up in her life in the same way they were being forced to the surface of her floor.  Just because her life looked great on the surface, she realized she couldn’t mask the issues she had under the surface forever.

In this case she made some big moves in her career to strengthen its foundation and really feel confident in what she was doing. The spot sprung up in the career area of the bagua of her home.  Not at all a coincidence!  The floor was repaired with a fabuluous new floor. She made plans to move, anyway. She felt it was another action to take.  She listened to what her home was telling her, it made sense, and she went with the flow.

What is your home telling you?  If you listen, you might be amazed to see how your home will give you insight into where and how you can solve problems, focus your energy or takes steps ahead.  Sometimes it might not be immediately evident, but it will be if you tune into the metaphor and marvel at how your home mirrors your life. xoxo Dana


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  1. Q

    I have been mulling this over in my head all summer. We have had never-ending sugar ants in the pantry (Love & Relationships gua of the apartment), and there has been a never-ending army of tiny things that have bugging me in many of my relationships. I’ve tried to play fair with the ants and use the least harmful ways of exterminating them, but they just seem to keep coming back. Much like my relationships, I’ve been playing nice. But enough is enough. I think it’s time to pull out the big guns and actually spray some pesticides to get the ant problem under control. I’ve been putting it off because the pantry is the only storage space in our kitchen, and it’s also the only counter space. So nearly all of our food is stored and prepared there, so you can see why the idea of spray pesticides in that area makes me nervous. What needs to be done is pull everything out of the pantry, spray for the ants, wait, do some painting inside the cabinets and lay down some new contact paper inside (which I’ve been meaning to do for ages, but never had a reason to pull everything out of the pantry before), and then only put back what we truly use and love. I know it needs to happen, but it scares me to think what that implies about what has to be done for the relationships in my life…!

  2. maggie

    This is very interesting…I am pretty happy with my house, although there is a lot of dried wax on my kitchen counters from my candle making that I am too lazy to clean up…wonder what that means…

  3. Lilibeth Javellana

    Hello dana,


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