Instagramming A New Chapter In Bloom!

Sep 15, 2013 | Uncategorized


This was my birthday week (being born on 9/11 has added a real depth of introspection to my celebration) and it was a decisive time… with a whole new chapter in bloom!

purple flowers

How incredible is it to see a tree that is blooming purple flowers while its leaves turn autumn amber and gold!?!

bohemian bombshell bath salts

Oh man, these bath salts and customized aromatherapy oils from Bohemian Bombshell are out-of-this-world!  Arwa (the artist) and I spoke for about 30 minutes and she zeroed in on the oils and essences that would be most beneficial to balance my body and spirit.  Awesome!!!  You can find her on Facebook HERE, and for consultations, email her at


Massively inspired by the new plants at the local Farmer’s Market to create a medicinal herb garden on my new patio (yes, more on this soon…. may be a big move coming and I’ll feng shui my house for all of you to see!)


And much thanks to Ray Ban this week… my friends & I turned a fun Ray Ban party into my extended birthday party (!)… and we all got these luscious Clubmasters lenses to boot!  Thank you Ray Ban, you rock!

What a fabulous way to start the first few days of a new chapter. This birth year is already…. off the charts. I feel the shift 🙂

You can hit me up HERE on Instagram …. !  xoxo Dana


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