Decisive Moments Are The Most Exhilarating!

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The decisive moment:  You wake up knowing that things are just not the way they should be.  Things feel wrong,  You know you need to do something, but you aren’t quite sure what to do. Whether it is your job, your relationship, the city where you live, your health…. whatever it may be… it is time for a change.

It was described by an amazing wellness advocate and doctor, Lissa Rankin, in a way that really hit home to me.  She described how her career in a traditional medical practice was just not for her and she reached a point where it was more painful to stay than to take the risk and leave.

I woke up in NY a decade ago and knew I had to leave. I moved over a weekend to Los Angeles.  Considering the life I left behind, it seemed crazy for me to leave when I left.  Now, it makes perfect sense. It certainly didn’t for many years when I was in sort of displaced Hollywood, wondering what possessed me to move here.

Not everyone who makes a big decision sees absolute bliss and ease as the immediate result.  But if it feels right, how could it be wrong?

Have you had that big decisive moment? Many of them?

What did you do?

xoxo Dana


  1. maggie

    Sometimes it is hard to take that leap…I am struggling with that in certain personal relationships – good for you!

  2. Elke

    I moved from New York to Colorado shocking all our family and friends. It was an extreme change, and afterward, I agreed. My husband and didn’t know after 2.5 years if we were truly happy. I was having difficulty time fitting in the laid-back state and it was during the Bush years. I was so depressed and wanted my NY culture back. But I stuck it out, changed jobs and careers. I began working in Denver, traveling back and forth to my small town. I began to love and adore Colorado. Now I have a little girl, a new career change and we are moving into a new home. Now 13 yrs, I now know this is where I belong. I love it here! I have great friends, and I no longer miss NY 🙂


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