Feng Shui To Hop Off The Emotional Roller Coaster Of Life!

Sep 16, 2013 | Prosperity


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Roller coasters are super fun when they are a ride you choose to hop on… but they are not fun when they describe the conditions of your life!

If you are making lots of positive changes and find yourself starting to backslide, lose your footing or just fully and completely get immersed in drama from out of seemingly nowhere, this video might help you find the reason why. I certainly have been on a roller coaster and didn’t know why… I mean, for all the good things I was doing for myself I would suddenly be confused, unsure of myself, weirdly sad for no reason…

And then I learned about the effects of passive aggression.

I’ve had lots of experience with this stuff of life roller coasters.  I’ve taken classes, sought all sorts of spiritual and psychological guidance to learn more about it.  Ultimately, I just had to become aware of my own decisions and look at the people and situations in my life with fresh eyes and take responsibility for what and who I decided to keep close to me. When I put myself in the driver’s seat and started making decisions to surround myself with happiness,  stuff got way more calm.

You should never ever ever ever feel bad about making positive decisions for yourself and treating yourself well. You should never feel bad for being happy. And you certainly should not give up your dreams for other people who might still not be ready to pursue their own.

Here’s a bunch of ways I’ve come to spot the passive aggressive stuff looming around me.  If you are on an emotional roller coaster and have no good reason to explain exactly why, this might be worth a look. You may not be “over emotional”… you might just need to detox your life a little bit more!

xoxo Dana


  1. Another Dana

    Hi Dana – I agree with what you’re saying, but practicing it is easier said that done. It’s one thing if the person is in your personal life. I’m fortunate that I’ve been able to surround myself with only loving and supportive people outside work….but what about inside the workspace? That’s my big question. I actually have done what you’ve said in the video. I limited interaction and divulging information – seemingly harmless information that somehow becomes turned around and used against me. But still, how do you “defeat” (for lack of a better word) these individuals. Do you have any posts devoted to feng shui mindsets in the workplace? Sorry….I may have diverged from your original intent…

    • danaclaudat

      Hi Dana! I don’t really think in terms of defeating anyone. If you get into that, you get to a level where you defeat yourself. I’ve been the subject in the past of very viscous “targeting” in the workplace and the best thing I did was find my way to a bigger, better place away from the toxic. Ultimately it never seemed “fair” that these people seemed to “win” at the time but given that it motivated such positive steps upward, I can’t say it was a bad thing in the end. 🙂

      • Another Dana

        Thanks so much Dana! It’s helped propel me upwards as well.

  2. Penny

    Thanks so much for the advice Dana! I just left a passive-aggresive relationship, it was my first relationship and I had been stuck in my life for so long! I spent five years dealing with negativity and the passive aggressive jokes which always attacked me and made me doubt myself. So I’m finally making positive changes for myself and reaching for my dreams! 🙂 This is exactly what I needed today!

  3. Penny

    And when I say I left the relationship, its only been a week. Any awesome tips for getting over a break-up? You have the passive-aggresive definition down! Whenever I would talk to him about our relationship “I don’t know” was his answer for anything. It honestly did drive me crazy. These past five years I have felt very insecure, and very low about myself…. definitely stuck!


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