Feng Shui Tips For Expanding Your Life!

Sep 17, 2013 | Feng Shui 101

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Life moves quickly these days.  Things can grow super-fast.  Things can also gradually but rapidly get mucked up without you noticing.  All this stuff carries on and we don’t notice it until suddenly we are stopped in our tracks and feel we have become overwhelmed.

If you can only get so “big” in your life’s endeavors before you hit a point of overwhelm, it may be worth looking at a few ways to create a little more space to grow. 

Here are a few real-life examples from my own home (!) of creating space to handle all the new stuff (friends, love, opportunity) pouring in:

1. Re-pot your plants if they are getting big.  If a plant is root bound, you are stunting it’s growth.  A bigger pot and a small but of soil is easy to come by and creates more room to grow.

2. Excavate your closet. While I’ve said this before it bear repeating: seasonally turn over your closet and really pick through it and keep is very well un-stuffed.  If you are struggling to pull out hangers because you have that much stuff, either get bigger closets or get rid of things!

3. Update your computer and properly store files.  A cluttered computer desktop, an old browser, email in-boxes filled to the brim: this catches up with is really fast; all of us. Update your technology, file things electronically and back things up on hard-drives if needed.

4. Steam clean/professionally get your home cleaned. While not all of us can afford a daily housekeeper, a deep cleaning at home done by a pro who can move all your furniture, clean behind things, steam your floors and carpets, and tackle forgotten-about areas like your oven broiler and your baseboards can be a revolution for your life.  A great “deep” home cleaning is an invaluable investment! Take a spa day while it is being done & double the greatness.

We expand when we have the room to grow… so give yourself the room!  xoxo Dana


creating genius creativity book

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xoxo Dana

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  1. maggie

    I may have to reward myself with a pro deep cleaning of my apartment in the near future.



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