Naturally Radiant, Earthy And Elemental Decor !

Sep 17, 2013 | Home Style



Earthy.  That word has such undertones of unsophisticated and today it is time to prove that Earth is just as sexy, compelling and radiant as the manufactured high gloss.  Whether it is wearing less makeup, stripping down your wardrobe to have less flash or adding more very basic chic design to your home, this aesthetic works very well with smooth surfaces and lots of fresh light.  And when it’s done well, this Earthy greatness will feed your soul!

wood stack



Piles of stacked firewood are a rustic yet divine reminder that the fire is waiting.  Potential energy- fuel- I just love wood!

earthy bedroom


Woven blankets, woven textiles, fringe, patterns and lush tree branches make this very organic bedroom more scintillating and stylish.

earthy livingroom


This eclectic yet restrained room sticks to just a few colors yet demonstrates absolute prowess with a bucket of flowers perfectly placed.


What an absolutely charming display of linens, baskets and bags!  This space makes a big case for the beauty of pale wood and the wonder of mixing many textures without ma tremendous variety of colors.

If you crave stability, want to feel more one with the Earth and have a desire to clear your mind, a very neutral earthy vibe could be right up your feng shui’d alley…!  xoxo Dana


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  1. Jay B.

    Love wood as well! The more wooden elements in the interior the better for me! Firewood makes great decoration and it goes well not only with rustic kind of design, but with minimalist as well. It´s just amazing how versatile it can be if you´re at least a bit creative. The fireplace in the first pic looks great, especially the rocks. Natural materials can be combined with anything I guess, classic or modern, doesn´t matter..they always manage to make the space more original somehow.


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