Are You Looking For A Magic Pill?

Sep 18, 2013 | Prosperity

damien hirst

I used to hunt down short cuts the way that primitive man hunted food, with a vengeance.  Every short cut I found and took wound up costing me more time, more effort and sometimes even loads of money.

Occasionally I have a potential client ask me to “create” love or money for them in their home, even though they have no real desire to look at how they handle or create love or money.  They want a magic pill. I’ve been there; I know this phenomenon.  When I tell them that we aren’t casting spells and that short cuts don’t work, some people think I am “negative.” I think it would be way more negative to tell you that you can bypass building foundations in life and just get “things.”

Are you looking for a magic pill?

damien hirst

(Damien Hirst via Gagoisian)

Feng shui can support your intentions in a seemingly magically way, but it can not make you a better partner or a more responsible or crafty businessperson.  You may even meet Mr or Mrs right following a great feng shui consultation that really puts emphasis on relationships in your life… but that doesn’t mean you will snap your fingers, get engaged and vanish into the sunset.  There are real life things you have to do to create a stable relationship, and even the coolest feng shui can’t break your own habits if you aren’t willing to be more mindful in life. You can win the lottery but that will not guarantee that you’ll have money.  Statistically, a huge portion of lotto winners become broke or even find themselves heavily in debt a few years after they win.

Though you can get something “fast”, you still have to manage it.

There are definitely easier ways to do things, there are definitely ways to accelerate a process and there are loads of very real ways to expand your life beyond the limits you might feel around you.  (FYI, THIS cool science experiment is a great introduction to breaking down self-imposed limitations.)

I have not once seen anyone do anything amazing by taking shortcuts. That’s why it is so funny that I sought short cuts so passionately!

I’ve been handed pretty big amounts of money and can’t tell you what I did with all of  it, even though I thought at the time I believed it was getting me somewhere faster. I got extremely sick in 2005 and decided I would take “massive” action to get well using every fast-acting drug I could take.  I got sicker. When I slowed down in repairing my broken immune system rather than rushing to fix everything overnight because I was so riddled with fear, I started to get well for real and stayed well without taking drugs.  When I stopped trying to craving overnight love affairs  and even friendships that went from 0-60 in a heartbeat, I started having real relationships that I cherished.

Am I suggesting that you plod along as a snails pace and  wait forever to have your life look the way you want it to look? Nope.   Some things do happen super-fast. You still need to build a foundation for things that last.

Are you looking for a magic pill? Where are you trying to take shortcuts?  Ask yourself that question and see what you come up with.  I did. Every place I wanted to cut corners and move faster and skip steps, there was something beneath my rush and that something- greed, fear, perfectionism for me- was my real challenge.

Enjoying life, putting the time and passion into work, creating a lifestyle and an environment that supports the greater good…  That’s the fastest path I have ever witnessed to the kind of success and fulfillment that thrills me.


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