Dressing Up Walls With Very Personal Art!

Sep 20, 2013 | Life With Art

art guitars

Art is important for a multitude of reasons, and to live with are is to blanket yourself in layers of sensation, emotion and expression that could not otherwise be bottled and infused through your space.  Not all art, though, is traditional “art”: painting, sculpture and photography are just a few of the art-forms you can mix into your home.  Objects you love, ephemera, clever display pieces you made yourself… these are all poignant and personal art treasures to dress up your home.  

Above, guitars add an undeniable “flavor” to an otherwise gorgeous but impersonal space.

light art


Vintage “light art” is a sun shining bit of brilliance in this otherwise subdued room that is skirting “blah”, elevating it to something far more memorable and engaging.

time tables art


In case you forgot how to multiply, this bright tissue paper chart can refresh your memory.  It certainly makes the room far more special!

black walls


While I suggest you use black on your walls very sparingly, it can create a really eye-popping effect when layered with very light tear sheets of magazine images to create an instant wall collage with awesome  visual definition.

art in home


A poem, a saying, a quote, a phrase, a word… all are ready to be painted by your hand onto canvas and propped against a wall.  In this way, words become larger and more more pervasive… so say something you want to live by if you make a text based art piece for yourself!

There really is no reason for bare walls.  It takes so very little to create a wall or two filled with personal treasures, yet the impact is so strong.  Live with more art and you’ll never turn back to living without it!


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  1. Marie


    my name is Marie and I’m an interior design student in Belgium.
    I found the last picture of this post on Pinterest and it drew my attention right away. I really want to know the ‘ending’ of the pink painting, because those words are beautiful. Does anyone knows where to find a full picture of this picture or the entire text?

    Thanks in advance!


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