Five Feng Shui Lessons From A Lovely Bedroom

Sep 20, 2013 | Feng Shui 101



Today I thought I would go back to my old-school Tumblr-style feng shui posts to give you a little breakdown of what your bedroom might be saying about you and even your relationships.  This time we’ll go beyond nightstands and color and really look at what a room is communicating on other levels. Bear in mind that some of what I see and say is not actually classical “feng shui rules” but a whole mix of feng shui concepts and tradition and science and more.  And, if you read this blog a lot, I’m betting you will know a lot of what I’m about to say about this room and whoever lives there!

Mind you: I did this once and a man contacted me. Apparently I was right about his room that had been featured on a blog. I had tea with him. We did a mini-consultation. It was weird to put a face to a space at first and I was worried I had offended him, but it was great!  So,  if this is your room, please feel free to message me & I’d love to meet you!

If  this was my client’s bedroom I would start here and ask lots of questions:

1. Pillow with a single silhouette.  Lovely, elegant, but this person is most likely intensely and intently single. If he or she is in a relationship, I venture to say its a very no-nonsense one, possibly for appearance sake.

2. Two landscapes stacked beside giant windows.  A dreamer, an over thinker— someone dying to break free and connect more the world at large yet stuck in their head and their daydreams.  All the white is also an indication of this strong metal-element, mentally-oriented person.

3. An oddly out-of-place lamp that looks like an heirloom.  When I see this I often see a person who makes decisions based on what is “appropriate” (IE: I should have my antique lamp on display in my bedroom) rather than based on what feels right.

4. A want for attention and even attraction but not sex.   The old fashioned flowers are about as sexy as a powder puff, and though the bed is draped in a coral throw, its fringe, it’s meticulous smoothness, communicates more “interior design” rather than “I want to drag you toward my bed,” in a sexy way.

5. This person is apt to be very stable, methodical and very involved in a small community or group of friends.  Hyper-white loving people tend to be very set in their ways (again, I am generalizing, but its a metal-energy trait in feng shui) and with that much rigidity it doesn’t leave much space for lots of new faces to move in and out of life.

If this person were having a dry spell in love, I would suggest, among other things, more texture, new nightstand “styling”, no more silhouette pillow, possibly a big tropical tree or two in the room…. I’d likely move the bed, add tons of sensory information (*aromatherapy, music)….Or whatever they felt was right and they were ready for.

Can you see how space can tell a story about someone…? All you need are a few basic feng shui tools to understand a ton that stretches even beyond pure common sense about people and even their dreams by looking at their living spaces.


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  1. Satya

    Hey Dana,

    Great article – but could you write a post about a “good bedroom” relationship wise? It’s good to know what NOT to do, but it’ll be better to know how to get it right. Thanks!


  2. Katie

    I really like this post. Super helpful! Thanks!

  3. Q

    I’d love to see a post on how to create a bedroom that says “I want to drag you toward my bed,” as you put it! I am admittedly obsessed with white…what would you suggest to balance out that metal energy? Is is best to just aim for having all the elements represented in all areas of the home?


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