Essential Feng Shui Tips For A Fabulous Fall!

Sep 23, 2013 | Feng Shui 101

fall leaves

When the seasons change, we are supposed to adjust our sails with them… though modern life doesn’t make that an intuitive switch. It’s not like people most can switch their schedules to work from 7 to 4 rather than 9 to 6  in the Winter to  take advantage of the light, or take off for a month and a half in the Summer to be carefree and active.  Just because the seasonal switches are not honored by modern life doesn’t mean we should ignore them and just wear different clothes as the year progresses.

If you take a moment to really honor the new season and make a few small shifts in your lifestyle and home style, you may find the season to be more abundant and instructive, too!

Feng shui for Fall is all the goodness of a farm and the warmth of a blanket mixed with the creative burst of Back to School time and the introspection of earlier days and darker nights with cooler weather…

This very very windy video (the seasons have changed!!!) brings you some key feng shui ideas to incorporate for Fall!

xoxo Dana


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