Feng Shui Q & A: How To Position The Bagua

Sep 23, 2013 | Feng Shui 101


The bagua map is a feng shui tool that delineates the areas of ones life and how they correlate to a space.  You can use the bagua to understand the sections of a property, a home, an apartment, a room, or even a small area like a desktop and how they relate to your life.  The bagua is a relatively simple tool, if you understand how to place it on a space.

A reader was getting mixed messages from doing research on how to line up the bagua on a floorplan:  ” I read many things that say to put align the bottom row with the entrance door, but then other articles and readings suggest to line the map up in accordance with the N,S,E and W directions with the front middle section (career) to be aligned north. Is this true because this would mean I would have to line up the career section with the left side of my house?  Any insight into this would be great.”

My Answer:

First off, fantastic question!  The bagua was one of the things I was most confused about myself starting out.  Hardly any space is a perfect square or rectangle, and it seems that it’s always tricky when you look at how different schools of feng shui approach the bagua.

Let’s simplify things.  My approach is based on Pyramid School Feng Shui.  This school of feng shui is concerned with how you actually, physically experience space.  We experience space first from the entrance door (or the approach if there is no door ) and then we walk into the space.  In this case the bottom of the bagua– “wisdom-self-helpful people”- will be lined up with the wall that contains the entrance door.  

So, you will always first enter a room through the areas Wisdom, Self or Helpful People.

Now, you may do this and find if your place is irregularly shaped  that some of it is “missing” from the bagua map or, perhaps, it is falling outside of the map.  Do not dismay!

As a beginner, I suggest you use the map room-by-room so that you can get a grasp on space as you experience it in an uncomplicated fashion.

I hope this makes things a bit easier!  xoxo Dana


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  1. Victoria Kerrigan

    The floor plan of my property looks like a series of steps. In this situation, do you take the missing spaces as something to worry over, or consider that the Bahia is compressed into the existing spaces. For example, the right hand side of the house is only one room deep, the middle three rooms and the left hand side two rooms, and they’re staggered.

    • danaclaudat

      I’m thinking that you should draw out the floorplan and impose a big rectange over it. You’ll see what’s in what area and what areas of the bagua are empty on the floorplan. That’s fine. It happens. It’s good to see, so you are aware of what energy you might want to amp up in the rest of your home. Then, you can work room by room with the bagua to start, so you don’t overcomplicate for yourself!xoxo Dana

  2. Victoria Kerrigan

    Whoops, bagua. *facepalm for autocorrect*

  3. C Ells

    In regards to the entrance – does this refer to a main entrance, or the one actually used? I enter my house through a side door, because I don’t have a key to my front door …so is my side door my frame of reference? Thanks!!

    • danaclaudat

      Us the side door in this case. Great question!


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