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Sep 24, 2013 | Home Style

jewel tone decor


Jewel tones are the rich colors that strike an emotional chord.  The richer the color, the more they affect us in a visceral nature.  Rich fire colors move us at our core.  Gemstone colors of the sea saturate rooms in deeply introspective way.  While lots of us are more timid about diving into jewel tones- they are so bold! so permanent!- the right combinations of clear, saturated hues can really stir up majesty!

jewel tone bathroom


Although I am not wholly sold on this palette, I will say that a richly painted floor, a fabulous wash of color like watercolor pigment on walls, a custom-looking claw-foot tub— wow!

jewel toned bird

Are you as moved by this bird as I am?  Proof that these colors really do exist in nature!

jewel tone table


If you are not ready to turn your serene home into a jewel tone paradise, you might want to consider a seasonal table dressed with jewel tones that are magnetic and scintillating. This is a great feng shui decorating tip that you can rotate seasonally or with your mood!

ombre rug

(eye for design)

A pile of jewel toned silk pillows truly transforms this room.  The ombre striped rug takes this room to an epic level!

jewel tones


Accessories can really make a room.  Art, a florescent Lucite tray, a stack of colored books: you can work some rich color into your home without fear or great expense.

Rule of thumb: less is best when you are getting started with rich color.  If you are confident, go for it in a big way, but make sure to balance the bright and the muted or clear space.


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  1. maggie

    This isn’t my usual style, but I do love all the jewel-toned pillows!


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