Fast Feng Shui : Chill Out, Literally, And Feel Invigorated!

Sep 25, 2013 | Prosperity



While I like it hot, hot, hot most of the time-  hot baths, hot showers, hot temperature, heat waves-  I’ve come to understand that there is value in cold, too!

Today’s fast feng shui is all about chilling out a bit, literally!

If you are sluggish, unmotivated or feeling the blahs, conventional wisdom would suggest that you need to add more fire to your life.  Fire, after all, is the element of passion and excitement.  Where temperature is concerned, heat might not be your best friend in motivation…! 

The thing is, too much fire-  specifically, too much hot temperature- can make you a lazy slug! It’s true!

A fast tip: cool off !   Take walks in the brisk Fall to get your attention stimulated when you are feeling lazy. Cooler temperatures are associated with higher productivity.  A cold shower can even be a booster shot of get-up-and-go that can    Even leaving a window cracked in the cool weather so your office has fresh, clear air is rush of invigoration.

When you are next feeling lazy, even a splash of cold water on your face might help you snap out of the haze!  xoxo Dana

PS: The only thing I don’t suggest in terms of getting a bit more chill is drinking ice cold water.  Many renowned healers have repeated to me time and again that water is best to drink at  room temperature.  Do with that tip what you will!


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  1. maggie

    That’s so funny you wrote this, I was just thinking ever since it cooled down I have become ten times more productive! I love the fall – feels like a renewal of sorts for me.

    • danaclaudat

      i really think thats how it became “school time” though I can’t verify that 😉


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