Styling The Ideal Coffee Table To Showcase Yourself!

Sep 26, 2013 | Home Style

coffee table styling


Coffee Table Styling Is Not Frivolous.

In a really unexpected article in the New York Times, You Are What You Stack, Penelope Green explores the coffee table display in all its decor implications.  She writes,  “ENVIRONMENTAL PSYCHOLOGISTS describe the living room as an aspirational space, the place you present your best self, or the person you would like to be. That makes the real estate known as the coffee table the equivalent of a highway billboard or a storefront sign.”

Your coffee table is a billboard for your personality, a magnet for guests and, hopefully, a grounding element in your living room.  Big deal, no? (I will be shopping for a new Lucite one this weekend after reading this article….)

Here’s some inspiration to get all of you styling your coffee tables today!  

coffee table

(hunted interior) 

A tray in bright colors is a go-to interior design trick to “round up” the items on display on your coffee table to keep it focused.  Also, an “energy” adding sculptural element like this “shooting star”  creates a bit of drama.

coffee table

Beautiful pottery creates an interesting landscape on a table.


(at home in love) 

When flowers are the “star” of your coffee table, be aware that if you do not keep them fresh your coffee table will be lacking a “star”.  This is why its great to incorporate a bit of art or other meaningful objects that can be featured on your table that don’t require attention every few days. When you do have flowers it becomes next-level genius!

lucite coffee table


This has moved me to get a Lucite coffee table this weekend if I can find a great piece.  No question that this is a clever “bookcase” and it would look great with stacks beneath as well…

coffee table


Talk about “displaying” your personality, a great table with a glass top lends itself to vibrant display of your treasured books that tell a story about you!

What does your coffee table look like?!  Can you add a little dazzle to it?!  xoxo Dana


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  1. maggie

    LOVE the idea of a Lucite Coffee if only my wallet did as well. One day!

  2. Q

    These are pretty, but pretty impractical with two little boys in my house. 😉 Time to search for some kid-friendly coffee table decor…uh, and a coffee table to put it on!

  3. Another Dana

    Thanks Dana! I am slowly but surely organizing and feng shui-ing my apartment with your help.

  4. Adagio

    Wow, what a concept – a coffee table as a mirror of your self and aspiration!

    Just today, having no coffee table in my living room and friends coming in…. i’ve made one very easily! Got a simple , gray moving box and i’ve put a linen tablecloth on it, which has a big map of Australia printed on it (i’m from central europe).
    Is there a bigger sign that i like travel and constant moving? I’ve moved 2 times already this year!

    I can certify that yes, its 100% true 🙂


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