Vintage Scarves Transformed Into Artful Decor!

Sep 27, 2013 | Home Style

vintage scarves


I found myself eyeing a sewing machine last weekend, and I couldn’t- for the life of me- understand why… until I realized all the pillows, duvets, throws, curtains and poufs to be made from exotic materials!  Today’s home style inspiration is totally eco-friendly, affordable (*depending on your taste in scarves!) & glamorous to the highest degree.  Showcase your personality with a little vintage scarf art & decor project! 

framed scarf


A graphic scarf you might not wear can turn a bookcase into a showcase!

vintage scarves


You can shop through racks of your favorite colors, styles and materials.  I think I have inherited a whole lot of these that will be coming out of storage this Fall.

scarf pillows


How absolutely lovely to make pillows out of glamorous silks and fun vintage print!

framed scarves


Charming idea for a bedroom, especially with your mom or grandma’s scarf…

scarf divider

Hipster bohemian room divider made of opaque scarves stitched together: really elevating. You can hang one of these on lightweight PVC pipe – so easy to have cut at your local hardware store & installs with brackets in a flash.

vintage scarves

You can also frame more than one scarf at a time to create a visual story or a specific look and feel from your fabric treasures.

Your closets, drawers and storage bins are likely stuffed with potential art.  Fabrics can near;y always be re-purposed. None of the projects above require great skill or time.  If you want to dress up your home, know that there are so many resources to do it on a dime- all you need is to decide you are ready to make it happen!


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  1. Jeanne

    I love love love the framed print, the pastel on the diagonal. Finally after months of thinking, I now have an idea of something to hang above my dresser in my bedroom! The crystal knobs are so charming!!! Time to put the swing machine into the repair shop. Bye bye no sew tape 🙂 Thank you!

  2. Erika Meseth Sparks

    Hi Hana! Love your website, it’s plenty of wonderful ideas, could you please give me a hint of where can I find those beautiful vintage scarves? Thanks! Erika

    • danaclaudat

      i go to thrift stires and outdoor markets 🙂


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