Do You Believe That What You Dream About Doing Is Actually Possible?

Sep 30, 2013 | Prosperity

henry ford

So many people do not believe that what they dream of can be possible. You know: Cynicism.  Being Practical. Having “realistic” expectations.

This type of thinking can pretty much defeat you before you begin. It has totally defeated me a zillion times over.  It is amazing how we can use “rational” thinking to defeat ourselves sometimes…! 

I mean… Why bother exercising is you truly don’t believe you can actually get in shape? Why try to  fix up your house if you don’t feel it’s  possible to do it, and all you can see is the wasted time and money even though you hate where you live? Why should you take the classes you have always wanted to take if you don’t really see yourself having the time to put toward your passion?

After all… what’s the use?!

Hearing all of this on a near-daily basis from people  truly makes me very sad.  I hear this all the time from well-meaning “realists” that step all over dreams.  Even my own dreams. I caught myself doing that little “what’s the use” game  recently in certain areas of my life.

On some level I decided some things were not possible for me to do, even if I loved them.

I wonder: Do you HONESTLY believe it is possible to create what you dream about? Whether it is a family, a business, a creative project, a lifestyle, health improvements, balance, happiness…. do you HONESTLY think it is possible?

I honestly did not believe it was possible to do certain things… until recently when someone sat me down and explained this very big paradox to me: I was “working” to create certain things even though I really didn’t believe it was possible for me to have them.  Hence: nothing would happen.

It proved again the saying that I refer to as “common sense self-determinism”: Whether you think you can or think you can’t, you are right.

If you are constantly complaining about some aspect of your life and yet feel on a deep level that it can not really change… you are right.  If you think it can’t change, it probably can’t.

If you think it can change, and really decide to move beyond “practical” voices (even your own) that say it can’t change, it will change!

But… how do you do that?!  It’s not necessarily an overnight thing. Habits change with lots of attention. A few ideas to get you inspired and a bit illuminated:

THIS short article in  World of Psychology breaks down 2 of the biggest limiting beliefs we have in very simple language: being a Victim and being in Control.  Victims and Control Freaks tend to have one big thing in common: they can’t go with the flow!

THIS article in Crunchy Betty is all about using essential oils to gain more mental clarity. I love these luscious sensory tricks to “bypass” our usual mind and life patterns!

THIS is a post I love and even refer to myself (!) often all about creative visualization to get grounded and feel one with infinite possibility based on the work of Shakti Gawain.

And…this video is even more about limiting beliefs.  Its a “classic” now and when I made it I had really gotten through massive personal hurdles.  Now that I have jumped through a few more big ones, I feel its fitting to bring it back!

Are you thinking your way into a futile zone in your own life, where it seems useless/too hard/not practical to even try to do things that are healthy, freeing and important to you?  Are you ready to stretch past that place into the wild world of possible?   xoxo Dana


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  1. Ken

    Great post as usewel. So inspired the video. And travel is awesome. I go to Brazil in december. Great place to be. Brazilians know how to life live the full. They enjoy life.
    Your beautiful Dana! Love your smile, and so optimism!
    Thanks Dana!


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