6 Artists Making Me Super Happy Today!

Oct 7, 2013 | Life With Art

yang yang pan

(Yangyang Pan) 

When I need a burst of color, light, form, figure or just plain daydreamy-ness, I go to see art.  And when I can’t quite get to art, I get to art online.  One of my favorite “lose myself for an hour” places to go: Saatchi Online.  Here are some of my favorite bits of visual joy for the day, like the ever effervescent Yangyang Pan‘s “Lucky Me” ! 

mona lisa

(Ilaria Bernice)

This goddess of Mona Lisa by Ilaria Bernice is captivating.

John A Sargent III

(John A Sargent III)

Makes me want to throw confetti on the beach…

Elizabeth Neel

(Elizabeth Neel) 

I just absolutely adore this… found on Jemma Craig’s Rustybreak… an Elizabeth Neel to get lost in. The black feels like “space.”

Pascale Taurua

(Pascale Taurua)

I wish to be catching bubbles in a bikini right now. If the weather holds up, I am going to do this, this weekend!

Louis Savage

How crazy-divine is this Louis Savage painting?!

Art is like air and water- it is so key to life in my universe.  Live with more art and your mind will expand, you will feel things differently, you might solve problems more easily or find inspiration for an entirely new path in your own life. Art raises the vibration of your environment, and the more aesthetic your world can be, the more you can experience and accomplish on every level!  xoxo Dana


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