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Oct 8, 2013 | Sensory Goodness

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Often, the best things in life are under the surface, but we get too frustrated, frazzled and  to get beneath the superficial layer.  With words like “busy” and “overwhelmed” and “crazed” floating around in the haze of digitally wired, fast-paced, short-attention-span lives, how do we get beneath the veneer of things and see what they are all about?  How do you meet new people and develop relationships that are connected and compelling via text message?  How can we make significant life changes if we are always running around?

It is a challenge.

The superficial is often shiny and beautiful and a step removed from the visceral and touchable and feel-able.  The superficial doesn’t move you at your core.  It doesn’t challenge your sensibilities.  It isn’t lasting. Life on the surface does not allow for growth, for passion or for that intensely radiant satisfaction that comes from deep fulfillment.  

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When I see homes that linger in the surface layers, they take two major forms:  they are often hyper-designed and many steps removed from the lives and needs of people who live there OR they are completely neglected empty shells, sort of containers to sleep in, a place to dress and shower.  Both can be shaken up a bit to create more depth, more soul and more compelling reality.

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Personalize your home. Since our homes mirror our lives, it is important to realize that a personalized home- even if it is very simple, even if it is fairly spare- will bring out more of the best in us.


Add layers of texture.  Layers of fabric, a variety of textures and spaces of comfort activate our mind in a very real way.  In fact, studies have shown that we form judgments of people based on what we feel, texture-wise, in their homes and offices.

Don’t accept the superficial as “enough”.  In your home, entertain more. Connect to more people. Ask bigger questions. Listen more. In your lifestyle, dare yourself to go a step beyond comfortable distance. If your home is full of blaring TV, shut it off more often. If you are texting like crazy, pick up the phone or go meet people in person. If you are sleeping with technology around you, get it out of the way when you sleep.

And… ask more of yourself.  If your world is feeling disconnected and growing superficial, that starts with you.  Dare to dig deeper into your own life, explore your interests, pursue your passions and find more depth for yourself.

xoxo Dana

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