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Oct 10, 2013 | The Beautiful

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DIY natural beauty should be  extremely effective, as natural remedies can do wonders that expensive chemical potions often can not.  My philosophy is that natural beauty fixes should be something simple and fun as well, rather than a messy and cumbersome process.  After all, when things become complicated, they never seem to get done!  Here is a round-up of some of my favorite natural beauty goodies of the moment that are rocking my world! 



(relish santa barbara)

I steam my face when it is cold outside.  I have somewhat quizzically been doing this since I was a kid.  I had a facial when I was 12 and I was hooked on herbal steam.  THIS steam recipe from Beauty Blog breaks it down.  I like to use lavender.  It’s easy to get and it is good for just about every skin ailment as a steam, provided you are not allergic!


I have cried in the past from tooth whitening chemical treatments that seem to make my teeth so sensitive I can barely eat.  Peroxide was my go-to whitener, until I learned about this great mix for tooth whitening from Dr. Oz : 

Dr. Oz’s Teeth Whitening Home Remedy

Baking Soda

In a small bowl, mix a little bit of baking soda with the juice of a freshly squeezed lemon. The mixture should bubble slightly.

Using a cotton swab, wipe saliva and excess plaque from your teeth before brushing on the mixture. Leave the mixture on your teeth for a minute before gently brushing it off with a toothbrush.

Don’t leave the mixture on your teeth for any longer than a minute; the acid erode tooth enamel.

(you can read the whole article HERE)


Beauty Bets reminded me of this folk remedy that really does do the trick for eye bags/dark circles.  (If you don’t have a food processor or don’t want to schlep it out, I grate raw potato on a hand-held grater into a bowl.)

Remedy #4: Puree a raw, peeled potato in a food processor. Pile the blended tater over each eye and chill out for 15-20 minutes. (You can also use thick slices of potato, but I think the puree works better.) Potatoes contain an enzyme called catecholase, which is often used in cosmetics as a skin lightener. (you can read the whole article HERE)


Bust out your cake batter mixer and get yourself a more “luxe” version of coconut oil for your skin by WHIPPING it!

whipped coconut oil

HERE is the how-to by Good Girl Gone Glad. 


All Women Stalk has a DIY spray in aromatherapy conditioner that perks up your attention while it perks up your slept-on curls and/or provides some  leave-in conditioning!

Take a larger spray bottle (an old leave-in conditioner bottle will do) and add 60mls (2 oz) of jojoba oil, double amount of water (120mls or 4 oz) and a few drops of Peppermint essential oil. Mix well, spray on your wet hair and voila- works just as great as any pricy leave in conditioner, smells amazingly fresh and nurtures your dry tresses root to end! (full article is right HERE) 

I have found some of the best solutions for my beauty routine in the kitchen and  the garden.  Even one natural beauty alternative in your daily routine reduces your exposure to chemicals dramatically. It’s worth whipping a few up and giving them a go!  xoxo Dana


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