Knitting Up A Storm Of Soft Decor At Home!

Oct 10, 2013 | Home Style

knit home


Knit makes anything softer, and no matter the season, it always feels welcome to have a bit more soft in my space. Yarn seems to spin into pillows, making even the hardest, coolest rooms a bit melty and much more inviting.  Here is a little knit-inspiration for the day to help you brainstorm ways to throw a bit of  knit into your own life.

knit lounge(via)

I may never leave this spot once I arrive, it just pulls you in and invites you to settle down.

knit chair

Knit slipcovers are a genius way to “reupholster”.



Oh how I just adore knit goodies on a desk!

knit wall

I am sending this to a friend immediately… this is the *BEST* unconventional wall art I’ve seen in a while!

knit throw


I like the classic look of a throw just on the bottom third of a bed.  This hefty weave manages to be very modern and quite rustic all at once.

Incidentally, knitting is also very therapeutic, should you decide to pick up your own needs and get to creating!  xoxo Dana


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