Feast On Life: My Five Favorite Food Blogs!

Oct 11, 2013 | Food-Shui


Big eaters are top in my circle of friends, somewhat accidentally, but yet actually it is true! Having been eating-disorder-plagued for a decade as a young teenager, I can say for sure that I love love love eating now and I am magnetically attracted to people who love eating, too!  Living in conflict with food as a kid, I was missing a part of my soul and the energy to fully express myself.  Eating is so key to an amazing existence.  Make food, share food and eat food that brings you energy and delight!

Some of my favorite food-shui-esque foodie blogs that I cook from:

Tara Eats by the amazing Tara Stiles-  Very good very real food that feels like home & is easy to compose!

The Urban Poser. Paleo genius.  Obviously I love something about both yoga and food, with two yogi’s in a row!

Leslie Durso.  She creates vegan lifestyle for everyone!

Comfy Belly.  Erika can do sheer magic with coconut flour!  This is one of my weekly “make-something-from-it” blogs!

Spoon Fork Bacon.  Let’s just say I’ve never seen food look so good in my whole life.  And… its great food, and drinks, too!

And now, I am hungry… xoxo Dana

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  1. Jeanne

    I totally agree with your post! My friends and I love to go out, have fun and eat tasty food! These are not the times to eat the dinner salad! Enjoying life is about enjoying all types amazing experiences, including yummy, delicious, fabulous food! I always say, “When your 90 years old, no one cares if you ate diet food!” LOL. Moderation not deprivation. Bon apetit!


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