Wild & Wonderful Wallpaper!

Oct 11, 2013 | Home Style


Nothing quite claims ownership of a space like some fabulous wallpaper.

Once you enter the wild world of wallpaper, it’s so endlessly rich and creative, you may find yourself papering your whole house!

Sian Zeng wallpaper

(Sian Zeng Tropical Bloom Wallpaper via Design Sheppard)

If you’re challenged to actually grow plants given your life/ lifestyle/ space… I highly encourage you to paper a wall in full-bloom lush foliage.

Walls Need Love wallpapers

(Oh Julia Ann! shares Walls Need Love wallpapers) 

These days I am very attracted to the graphic and almost Japanese patterns in super-chic muted colors, like ancient scrolls but modern.  So modern, in fact, that the Walls Need Love paper featured above by Julia Christensen is self-adhesive and removeable.  That’s right: it’s peel & stick!!!  I’m looking into a small and powerful pinapple-filled kitchen makeover with this lovely stuff!


Patterning can be as elegant as a sketch and still create rhythm and motion. This is where wallpaper looks like architecture to me!

bookshelf wallpaper


Retro paper patterns pop off of walls.   I truly appreciate the spirit of papering a wall behind shelves to create depth. You can paper the back of a bookshelf as a “starter” way to work with wallpaper… it is a fantastic optical effect!

Warhol Wallpaper by Flavor Paper

When Flavor Paper teamed up with the Andy Warhol Foundation to make Warhol papers, the next level of blanketing homes in art was born.  HERE is much moer about the collaboration and their design process.  

Now…while you all may be super-inspired but may not be clamoring for a roll of wallpaper given it’s steep intimidation factor when it comes to installation, my old favorite show from childhood (really!), This Old House, gives a great lay out of installing your own paper right HERE!

Wallpaper is some of the best kind of art!!!

xoxo Dana


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