Exploring “The Chakra Bible” & Finding A Way To Use It!

Oct 12, 2013 | Sensory Goodness

chakra bible (The Chakra Bible)

Chakras, the name given to the main energy centers of the body spanning the crown of your head to the base of the spine, are a fascinating bit of mind-mody medicine.  When Crystal Age reached out and asked if I wanted to explore crystal healing and chakras from their vast collection I said yes, though with hesitation.  I love crystals and the chakra metaphors as well, but I am not one to promote deities as a part of my art and my blog (yes, there are deities attributed to each of the chakras) nor am I one to assign magic to crystals. That said, I do love crystals and the basics of chakra theory, so I gratefully accepted and explained that this would be an opportnunity to see what was the best – most useful and sensible- that I could gain from chakras.  

In many ways The Chakra Bible was a pleasant surprise.  This compact book was literally jam packed with colorful illustrations, charts and tables.  And the approach to balancing the energies of each area of the body were rather holistic and all-inclusive.  Everything from massage to aromatherapy, colors, food and even yoga asanas were discussed for each chakra to balance energy.  The description of the imalances caused in each area of the body when a chakra is under or over active was very thorough.  I love the emphasis on a total approach to wellness.

My disclaimer: In many ways I wish this book just stayed in the pragmatic.  When it vered into dieties, Taoism and kundalini, it became much less accessible and I sorta took a deep breath because it loses me in such a big way.  It is extremely hard for me to do backflips about anything that I can’t say that just about anyone could get behind. While I absolutely believe in the power of spirituality to heal and I am an enormous advocate of religious freedom, its a slippery slope to advocate healing when it in inextricably linked to religions that everyone may not agree with.  Its a magor reason why I steer very clear of the Black Sect feng shui (*it even sounds spooky) for its roots in mysticism that everyone may not agree with on a fundamental level.

All that said, I am so glad to have this resource on my bookshelf.  I have referred to it many times for my own self lately, as well as for clients with various chakra issues that could use a list of holistic ideas for more total healing.

Thank you so much to Crystal Age for the chance to experience his book.  If you would like to have a copy, you can find it right here!  More to come on chakra crystals soon!  xoxo Dana


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