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Considering the fact that so many people fail to do things because they fear failure, it seemed a brilliant way to define success.  Ultimately, it’s not what you accomplish that matters, but, rather, how you feel about the accomplishment.  Some people get dealt a bad hand and let it be the reason for everything in their lives turning black.  Others get a bad car in the deck and use it to become legendary.  I don’t wish failure on anyone, but it is enormously instructive!  xoxo Dana

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  1. Jeanne

    “Fear is not an option,” is one of my favorite quotes from the movie True Lies. What seems to be a common thread is that when you are enthusiastic, fear seems to fade away and the positive energy is contagious. I now try to live each day without the fear of failure in relationships but (relating to a prior post in this blog) making connections to others being myself as I am. This blog has taught me little by little to feng shui my home and my life for the purpose of having amazing experiences. Keep up the awesome work!


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