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Oct 18, 2013 | Prosperity

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We all have ideas about ourselves and our money. The question is… are they all helpful? 

In my experience- and given that I grew up pretty poor – some ideas are just self-defeating clutter.

Ideas and beliefs alone don’t make or lose us money, but our ideas and beliefs tend to inform our actions.  You know, whether or not you show up for work, take the risks to get a job, start your business, or do whatever else you do to generate money.

I am not big on “money cures” specifically in feng shui because money is just another form of Self-Empowerment. I prefer “Self-Empowerment” in spaces and lives. I like to feng shui homes to a place of empowerment for everyone who lives there- creating a space that really brings out the best in you.  When you feel amazing, things like money tend to be easier to manage.

That said, if you hang on to ideas about yourself and money and what you deserve that are not helping you, it’s kind of like hanging on to broken furniture or a refrigerator filled with spoiled food.  You can’t really use it, it can actually hurt you, and while its annoying to contemplate fixing stuff or clearing things out out (in the case of the fridge, especially) it is really helpful to be mindful and actively make these changes.  There is no real good that comes from self-defeating ideas!

There are a multitude of feng shui things I do to help people amp up their homes energetically. There are also lots of habits that can support the energy process.

For me, Buddhism and getting some physical exercise are my primary forms of “good-vibe-generating” habits.  Acupuncture, too.  And lots of sleep.  OK, I have a lot of self-happiness habits!  I encourage you to do the same: feeling great is something you really can’t get enough of!

I like to mix in and try new things from time to time to add something fresh to my own energy. Lately, I’ve been toying with ‘ EFT” otherwise known as “Tapping.”  (Here’s more on EFT if you’ve never heard of it.) I am certainly not an innovator by presenting this today, but I specifically love fun ways to pull myself out of a less-than-great mood and feel more power, and I thought it would be fun to share.  Even if the actual physical activity doesn’t really do what it claims ( who knows?!) the effect on my mood and my energy is undeniable. A little self-affirmation is always Self-Empowerment in my book.

Here’s a video from Brad Yates that goes through a “Tapping” session.   He’s an EFT expert- one of the “EFT/ tapping” You Tubers-  with loads of videos.  Of all the “tappers” out there, his made the most sense to me.  I have done a bunch of them in my “tapping Adventures” I usually watch a video straight through to see if I agree with it before I actually try it. After all, why use words that don’t resonate with you?  So, I suggest you watch it first and see if you want to try it.

And, to know me is to know I don’t believe in “Magic Pills” to 100% overnight rocket-your-life-to-perfection. There’s no such thing as perfection, anyway!  But… small steps in the direction of good things tend to pile up quickly! xoxo Dana


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    Very uplifting website! Your soul definitely shines throughout it and beyond.

    Thanks and keep up the Great work Dana!

    Many Blessings from the UK! 🙂



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