Peach & Apricot Wall Color Radiance!

Oct 21, 2013 | Home Style

peach walls Its a hit of peach, a hint of pink. It’s the fuzz on a peach or the flesh of a ripe apricot.  If you love year-round sweetness, a bit of summer, a touch of cheer and an overall easy vibe to your walls,  intentionally-picked shades of peach & apricot can be positively stunning. 

peach walls


Divine against grey and wood tones, here the hue lifts the room higher.

peach office


While still dusty and substantial, this tone of peach/apricot evades pure pink or orange to stay fire-rich energetically yet unique to the eye.

peach walls

Not white, not cream, but the neutral I adore for bedrooms.

peach walls

How stunning are these reading nook walls?! I am so taken by the tone, and how it changes with the light.

One note on all forms of peach & apricot:  test your colors well and don’t skimp on bargain paint unless you are a very skilled color-picker and painter.  Less well-tinted shades of peach and apricot will have you living in the 1980’s house of the Golden Girls, and I don’t know if that’s the look you are after!


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  1. Julie

    These are gorgeous examples of blush-y paint colors!! I am on the verge of painting my bedroom in this hue, and you ARE RIGHT, this is a very hard color to get right!! I have been studying samples and paint swatches, and paint chips are taped to the walls, and SO MANY examples of this color on the web!!! I don’t want a Golden Girls bedroom, but I also don’t want the color so dusty that it just looks like a dirty flesh color either!!! (EW, that sounds really gross when I type it, but that is exactly the feeling I do NOT want my paint color choice to evoke!!! I’ll take 80’s Golden Girls over dirty skin color ANY DAY, LOL!!!) thanks so much for the inspiration, even though this is an older post, it is still very helpful!!

  2. Amanda

    Do you know what the top paint color is called? And where it is from?


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