The Luminous Interior Artistry Of Robert Passal!

Oct 23, 2013 | Home Style



From the moment I first saw the watercolor walls above I became a Robert Passal fan, and the more I see the more I learn about interior design at it’s best.  If you want a crash course in making art shine from your walls, styling with richness and restraint, mixing some eclectic into the classic and having everything sing with personality, study his work and soak in the goodness (full site: here) . For now, I hope you enjoy it immensely! 



How stunning, how artistic, how personal and yet extremely balanced is this image?!

passal interiors


Some rich color beautifully mixes with sculpture and wood to create a table vignette that is magnetic.

hamptons house


Fresh, clean, quirky, popping color and calming all at once.

robert passal


Disco ball like lamps wow me, and this one manages to be more Tiffany’s than Studio 54.  What a perfect illustration of how a mirrored table can boost the energy in a space many times over!

colorful living room


Pattern upon pattern upon pattern and it never becomes too much to handle. LOVE this room in its textures and material luminosity.  Even in the midst of all the layers, art still maintains it’s prominence on the walls.

robert passal


While the subdued,  and dare-I -say dark, color scheme for walls and furnishings generally squeezes a space too much for me to bear-  in this room, it becomes the cool and calm against which mirrors, art and artifacts shine.

Total brilliance!


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  1. Robert Passal


    You’re much too kind. I truly appreciate you featuring our work and hope that our paths may cross one day soon.



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