6 Artists I Just Discovered Who Are Color Geniuses!

Oct 24, 2013 | Life With Art

julie hawkins

(Julie Hawkins)

Today I am steeping myself in layers of color that seem to make up the sleepy, stir the untapped emotions and create a majesty that is undeniable.  When I am personally in an inspiration rut, highly saturated hues soak my world in fresh flavors and feelings.  This is a round-up of artists I would like to blanket my office walls in right now!

elizabeth williams

(Elizabeth Williams)

Forms emerge like a dream from screens of color that create shadowy depths. What a mysterious work of art.

bambi Gordon

(Bambi Gordon) 

Soaring, sweet and intense, this canvas also has a feeling of emergence to it, but this time, in a more rainbow tinted way.

abstract color paintings

(Kate Marion Lapierre)

And we float in a rose and peach haze that is so simple to consume and so satisfying.

Alvin Tan

(Alvin Tan)

What holds me captive here is the snow white presenting itself against the clear and sharp pinks, yellows and blues.

Hans Barends

(Hans Barends)

More subtle, almost like a Japanese screen in its organization and washes of calligraphic strokes… this brings so many stories to mind.

Invest in color.  Dig for inspiration. Surround yourself with visual caffeine.   Live with more art.  xoxo Dana


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